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Rosneft Supports Car Tourism Development Projects

Rosneft, which owns the largest network of filling stations in Russia, acts as an ambassador for the development of domestic tourism. The Company is implementing a number of measures to create the most comfortable conditions for car travellers.

Every year on 27 September, the global community celebrates World Tourism Day. The main purpose of the holiday is to promote tourism as one of the most important components of economic growth and social well-being.

This year, the Company is actively supporting projects to develop domestic tourism. In particular, Rosneft and the Moscow City Tourism Committee signed a memorandum on cooperation at the XXVI St. Petersburg International Economic Forum. In addition, the Company has a number of regional projects for the development of car tourism in the regions of operation. Joint tourist routes through Rosneft’s filling station infrastructure were presented in the Voronezh and Arkhangelsk regions.

In order to create comfortable conditions for drivers who prefer to travel by car, the Company also launched a special information and service platform «Russian Horizons: Come with us». The project allows car tourists to choose and plan routes to interesting places using the infrastructure of roadside services and Rosneft filling stations.

The aggregator of tourist routes, developed with partners, is built on a modular principle. As of today, the website of the HorizonsRussia.RF ( project has several modules that offer car drivers both long-distance tourist routes and local routes within a region.

One of the modules allows car travellers to get acquainted with the sights of the M10 «Rossiya» motorway – on the way between the two capitals; the second route is laid out along the M4 «Don» motorway from Moscow to Sochi and the mountain cluster of the agglomeration – Krasnaya Polyana; the Moscow-Voronezh-Moscow route is available separately, as well as local modules covering the Voronezh and Arkhangelsk regions.

Other destinations and the integration of new tourism facilities, including those from partner regions, are still under development.

The Russian Horizons project has a number of key differences from its analogues. Thanks to the unique navigation functionality, all places of interest become stops on the route, which the driver can collect and modify at any time during the journey. At the same time, the traveller can make choices based on distance to the nearest waypoint, availability of services and facilities.

In addition, each highway developed by Rosneft as part of the project undergoes an independent technical audit by the Nationwide Association of Automotourism and Caravanning – experts in creating conditions for comfortable and safe car and motorcycle travel in Russia.

Another partner of the «Russian Horizons: Come with us!» platform is the travel planning service RUSSPASS. Thanks to this cooperation, Rosneft’s information and service platform will allow members of the Family Team loyalty programme to take advantage of unique offers from partners and receive discounts when booking Moscow hotels and compliments at Moscow restaurants.

One of Rosneft’s priorities is to develop roadside service and improve the level of customer service at its filling stations.

This contributes to the development of domestic car tourism, as Rosneft’s retail network is not only the largest in the Russian Federation in terms of geographical coverage and number of stations, but also one of the leaders in terms of fuel recognition and quality.

There are stores, cafes, pharmacies, and dry-cleaning machines on the territory of the filling station. The Company is also developing a new area of filling station customer service – food trucks (mobile retail outlets). The Café on Wheels service is available at filling stations in Moscow, St. Petersburg, Voronezh and other regions where the retail network operates.

To develop its services, the Company is developing digital technologies to increase the speed of customer service. In particular, Rosneft has launched a pilot project to introduce graphic self-service checkouts at its filling stations. The project makes it possible to automate the payment process for fuel and related products and to make purchases without the involvement of a cashier.

The Company provides motel and hotel services to its customers. In particular, in December 2021, Rosneft will open the new Vladimirovsky hotel complex in the Leningrad region, located in a picturesque bay overlooking Lake Ladoga.

Information Division
September 27, 2023