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Rosneft expands the scope of environmental projects

Rosneft leads the green agenda and cares about preserving the environment in the course of its production activities. The Company was the first in Russia to set the goal of achieving operational carbon neutrality by 2050 as part of the Rosneft 2030: Reliable Energy and Global Energy Transition strategy.

The last year's results demonstrated the Company's impressive performance in carbon management. For example, the overall reduction in greenhouse gas emissions relative to the 2020 baseline year amounted to 11 per cent. The Company's upstream assets completed construction of 17 facilities for the rational use of associated petroleum gas in 2022, and a comprehensive programme to monitor sources of methane emissions covered more than 800 facilities at 20 enterprises.

The Company confirms its commitment to the UN Sustainable Development Goals and also makes a notable contribution to the implementation of national projects. The Company's environmental initiatives, social projects and innovative activities focus traditionally on protecting Russia's natural riches, improving the quality of life of the population in all regions of operation, and ensuring technological sovereignty.

Rosneft's sustainability activities are not just about minimizing environmental impact and making business more environmentally friendly, but about achieving a cumulative positive impact on ecosystems. The Company assumes additional commitments aimed at increasing Russia's natural wealth: restoring and reproducing land, water, forest and biological resources. An illustrative example is the large-scale programme of "historical heritage" lands reclamation. Over the last 10 years, the Company has restored over 2.7 thousand hectares of soil contaminated by industrial activities during the Soviet era and the 1990s. And over the past three years alone, companies of the Group have planted more than 18 million seedlings and young trees. In addition, in 2022 the Company's enterprises released more than 55 million valuable and commercial fish juveniles into water reservoirs.

The Company celebrated 10 years of integrated scientific research in the Arctic. It is no exaggeration to say that Rosneft is implementing the largest programme since Soviet times for comprehensive study and environmental monitoring of the Arctic region - more than 40 expeditions have already been carried out, during which hydrometeorological, geological and biological research has been organised.

The Company's Innovative Development Programme prioritises supporting fundamental scientific research and initiating advanced practical developments to ensure the country's technological sovereignty. In 2022, Rosneft started the first commercial production of hydrocracking catalysts in Russia. In addition, the Company produces a wide range of key catalysts for oil refining, and its own products are used not only at domestic refineries, but are also supplied to Asia-Pacific countries.

The use of in-house software in the E&P sector provides solutions to 90% of the Company's production tasks and fully covers hydraulic fracturing design and geo-navigation. The effect of implementing in-house IT developments has exceeded 10 billion rubles.

Rosneft actively participates in the development of the social sphere, including medicine, education and culture, and implements large-scale infrastructure projects in the regions of its presence. Rosneft's sponsorship activities are also aimed at supporting education, culture, sports and environmental protection. The Company traditionally supports the Saint Petersburg Academic Philharmonia Named After D. D. Shostakovich, the State Hermitage Museum, the Sretensky Monastery Choir, and acts as the general sponsor of the White Steamboat Foundation for Gifted Children. Rosneft finances Russia's strongest ice hockey club CSKA, supports the LADA Sport ROSNEFT car racing team and other projects.

Rosneft's corporate volunteer movement actively contributes to the implementation of Rosneft's social and environmental initiatives. In 2022, the Company's employees took part in more than 800 city, regional and all-Russian campaigns aimed at environmental care, support for healthy lifestyles and charity.

Note for Editors:

More detailed information on the Company's ESG activities in environmental, social and economic areas can be found in the Sustainability Report 2022. The Report is aimed at informing a wide range of stakeholders, including employees, shareholders and investors, residents of the regions of the Company's presence, public organisations, customers and partners.

The Report has been prepared under the Global Reporting Initiative's International Sustainability Reporting Standards (GRI Standards).

Information Division
October 13, 2023