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Recruitment centre for Vostok Oil project opens in Krasnoyarsk

RN-Vankor Company (an oil-producing subsidiary enterprise of Rosneft Oil Company) opened a recruitment centre for Vostok Oil project in Krasnoyarsk.

The centre will let prospective employees learn about the working and living conditions at the sites of Vankor and Payakha oilfield clusters, professional competence requirements and career opportunities, as well as have an interview with HR office representatives.

10,000 vacancies in key areas of the oil and gas industry are available in order to implement a massive Vostok Oil project in the north of Krasnoyarsk Territory. The enterprise requires both engineering and technical personnel and skilled workers. In order to develop new oil-producing assets, the Company also needs drivers, riggers, machinists, metalworkers, engine mechanics and other professionals.

RN-Vankor holds job fairs in many regions of Russia in order to attract personnel. At such events prospective employees may have an interview not just with HR office representatives but with dedicated experts at the enterprise as well.

RN-Vankor provides ample career and development opportunities for highly skilled and motivated employees, a managerial personnel reserve program directed towards identification and further development of talented employees is implemented at the enterprise.

Additionally, the personnel enjoy a massive benefits package, as well as programs for mortgage, sanatorium-and-health-resort healthcare, support for maternity and childhood, etc. One of the most substantial social benefits packages for the employees received high praise from the city administration, and RN-Vankor was recognised as the best enterprise of Krasnoyarsk in the field of social partnership and labour protection.

Note for Editors:

Implementation of Vostok Oil project started in 2020. As of today, massive construction of the project's oil-producing infrastructure is taking place in the north of Krasnoyarsk Territory, including a one-of-a-kind pipeline with a length of around 770 kilometres. This pipeline will deliver marketable oil from Vostok Oil to Bukhta Sever port, a global transport hub that has strategic significance for the development of the Northern Sea Route.

The port's infrastructure includes the largest oil loading terminal in the country with 102 oil tanks, as well as two cargo berths, two oil loading berths and a berth for the port fleet, with a total length of almost 1.5 kilometres. The aviation infrastructure of Igarka, Norilsk and Dixon is being expanded. Rotation villages are being constructed.

Information Division
 October 11, 2023