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Bashneft's products recognized as the best in Russia

Enterprises of Bashneft's refining and petrochemical complex (a member of Rosneft Oil Company) won the 26th All-Russian contest "The Top 100 Best Goods of Russia-2023". Six products were awarded gold prizes in the contest.

EPDM-E rubber* manufactured by Ufaorgsintez has been awarded the most prestigious diploma - "Golden Hundred", as well as the diploma "New product". The plant is the only Russian producer of EPDM rubber, which is in demand in various industries: automotive, electrical, chemical and others. High-pressure polyethylene became the winner of the contest "The Top 100 Best Goods of Russia" for the first time this year. Separate diplomas were awarded to phenol and acetone.  

The products of Bashneft's refining complex have also traditionally won prizes. The contest jury noted the high quality of winter diesel fuel produced by Bashneft-Ufaneftekhim, summer diesel fuel produced by Bashneft-Novoil, AI-95-K5 gasoline and inter-season diesel fuel produced by Bashneft-Ufa Refinery.

Domestic products and services were evaluated for compliance with standards, safety requirements, consumer feedback, sales volumes and other factors in the course of the contest. Representatives of regulatory organizations, relevant ministries, certification bodies and other specialists were members of the expert jury.

Winning the competition entitles Bashneft's enterprises to apply the "Top 100 Best Goods of Russia" mark on product quality passports for the next two years.

Furthermore, four employees of Ufaorgsintez and one employee of Bashneft-Ufa Refinery received awards from the Ministry of Industry, Energy and Innovations of the Republic of Bashkortostan for high performance in standardization and product quality.

*EPDM (ethylene-propylene-diene monomer rubber) is used for manufacturing rubber-technical products: spigots, belts, shock-absorbing parts, hoses for car brake systems, window and door seals, in the production of adhesives and sealants, etc. EPDM is used in construction as a sealant, waterproofing and roofing material.


Ufaorgsintez is a petrochemical enterprise of Bashneft (a member of Rosneft Oil Company). It produces more than 30 types of products, the quality of which corresponds to global analogues. Ufaorgsintez is among the leaders in the industry in large-tonnage production of organic synthesis products, as well as a wide range of polymers. The enterprise accounts for about 30% of all-Russian production of phenol and acetone, 15% of high-pressure polyethylene and about 11% of polypropylene.

Bashneft's refining complex includes Bashneft-Ufa Refinery, Bashneft-Ufaneftekhim and Bashneft-Novoil. The enterprises produce more than 160 types of products, including Euro-5 and Euro-6 motor gasoline, diesel fuel, methyl tert-butyl ether, as well as hydrogen, fuel oil, sulfur, hydrocarbon gases for municipal and household consumption, propane-propylene, butane-butylene fractions, marine fuels, petroleum coke, granulated and lump sulfur, liquefied gases, petroleum bitumen, industrial sulfur, paraxylene, more than 20 different lubricants.

Information and Advertising Department
December 13, 2023