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Rosneft has developed a new hydraulic fracturing technology

Specialists from Rosneft's research institute in Ufa, together with specialists from Bashneft (part of Rosneft), have developed and implemented a new combined hydraulic fracturing technology. The essence of the technology is the injection of proppant* in a certain sequence. In this way, an increase in the width of the rock fracture over its entire height is achieved, which makes it possible to increase additional oil production by two or three times.

The technology proved its efficiency when tested at Bashneft's fields in the Volga-Ural oil and gas province**. The combined hydraulic fracturing process resulted in oil flow rates twice as high as average rates.

The development of technological potential is one of the key elements of Rosneft's 2030 Strategy. The Company prioritizes innovation activities defining technological leadership as a key factor of competitiveness in the oil market.

The sequence of proppant injection during combined hydraulic fracturing is determined by modeling the process in special software, taking into account the results of advanced laboratory studies.   

The results obtained showed that the new hydraulic fracturing technology is promising for the development of fields with carbonate reservoirs. The potential for application of the new technology is more than 3 thousand wells in the Company's perimeter.

*Proppant is a particularly strong granular material used in hydraulic fracturing operations.
**The Volgouralskaya OGP is part of a large oil and gas bearing basin located in Russia on the East European Platform.

Information and Advertising Department
December 19, 2023