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Rosneft Launches Online Lecture Course on Marine Mammals of Russia

Rosneft, together with a non-governmental development institute Innopraktika, developed an online lecture course "Ocean Mysteries. Marine Mammals of Russia". The course was created with the participation of scientists from the country's leading scientific center, A.N. Severtsov Institute of Ecology and Evolution of the Russian Academy of Sciences, with the support of the Company's Arctic Research Center. The lectures are available to everyone on the educational platform "Lectorium", as well as on the online platform "Battle of the Minds".

All 10 lectures are based on the information from the ecological atlas "Marine Mammals of Russia", which Rosneft published together with Innopraktika in 2022. Attendees will learn a lot of interesting things about the main species of marine mammals: peculiarities of their behavior, habitat, natural and anthropogenic threats to animals.

The course contains scientific data on the status of bioindicator species - polar bear and walrus - obtained during Rosneft's long-term research work. The company implements a biodiversity protection program in the Arctic region, which includes studying the current condition of the key animal populations of the Russian North. The results of this work can be found in a special section of the atlas "Marine Mammals of Russia".

The educational course will be useful for anyone who is interested in environmental protection, wants to broaden their horizons and learn more scientific facts about marine mammals.


In 2020, Rosneft launched a lecture course on the biology of the Black and Azov Seas on the educational platform "Lectorium". Lectures are based on information from the ecological atlas "Black and Azov Seas", which Rosneft published together with Innopraktika. Experts in the field of geology, hydrology and biology of the seas took part in the development of the educational course. Attendees learned up-to-date information on the state of ecosystems of the Black and Azov Seas, as well as changes that occur in the water areas due to natural and anthropogenic factors.

In 2022, Rosneft, together with Innopraktika and Lomonosov Moscow State University, launched the "Open Lectures" online project on the "Battle of Minds" online platform. The series of lectures by the country's leading geologists, biologists, geochemists, hydrometeorologists and other scientists is designed to promote appreciation of ecosystem integrity and broaden the understanding of ecology and the formation of land, water basins and seabed landscapes.

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October 24, 2023