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Samotlorneftegaz Volunteers and Movement of the First Open Reconstructed Boulevard in Nizhnevartovsk

In Nizhnevartovsk, a boulevard has been opened on the banks of the river Ob after extensive reconstruction. The project to improve the urban environment was implemented with the support of Samotlorneftegaz under the cooperation agreement between Rosneft and the Government of the Khanty-Mansiysk Autonomous District — Yugra. The total length of the reconstructed walking area is more than one kilometre.

Rosneft implements social projects aimed at creating favourable living conditions in the regions where it operates. Among other things, it supports initiatives to create a good urban environment.

At the opening ceremony of the boulevard, Samotlorneftegaz employees together with participants of the Russian movement of children and youth «Movement of the First» organised an art exhibition of children's drawings «Nizhnevartovsk. City of the Future». Fifth graders of the Pushkin Lyceum No. 1, founded with the support of Rosneft, presented their own vision of the development of the Samotlor capital.

Young volunteers joined students from the Nizhnevartovsk Rosneft class to plant their own trees on the boulevard. In total, Samotlorneftegaz planted more than 1.2 thousand trees and shrubs in public areas during the summer season.

The reconstruction of the boulevard took advantage of the landscape to create different functional areas at different levels. The embankment boulevard is home to the city's largest open-air exhibition complex for permanent and temporary exhibitions, as well as an amphitheatre that will be a venue for the city's folk and music groups.

Children's playgrounds are equipped with modern play complexes, including those for children with disabilities. A large area is devoted to the Sculpture Zoo, where life-size bronze sculptures acquaint visitors with the fauna of the Khanty-Mansiysk Autonomous District — Yugra.

One of the main attractions of the reconstructed area was a special viewing platform with a panoramic view of the river and Nizhnevartovsk.

A jogging track, a two-lane cycle path and a promenade have been laid out along the entire coastline for active recreation.


Samotlorneftegaz is one of Rosneft's main production assets. In accordance with the agreement between the Company and the Government of the Khanty-Mansiysk Autonomous District — Yugra, the Company actively participates in the social development of the district. More than 20 major social infrastructure facilities have been opened in the region over the past three years with the support of Samotlorneftegaz. Among the largest are the buildings of the largest school in Nizhnevartovsk for 1,725 children and two kindergartens, a rope park, a rollerdrome, the EkoKvant youth club and the InzhenerUm technopark.

An ice rink was built in Nizhnevartovsk district and a universal sports complex in Khanty-Mansiysk.

Samotlorneftegaz also supported a programme to bring the internet to the indigenous peoples of the Khanty-Mansiysk Autonomous District — Yugra. About 1.6 thousand inhabitants of tribal areas have been connected to the World Wide Web.

The Russian youth movement «Movement of the First» was founded in 2022 with the support of the President of the Russian Federation. The main task of the movement is to organise leisure activities for the younger generation, to form a world view based on traditional Russian spiritual and moral values, to create an accessible environment for the development and self-realisation of young people in various fields.

Information and Advertising Department
October 18, 2023