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Kuibyshev Refinery runs environmental campaigns together with the Movement of the First

Employees of Kuibyshev Refinery (part of Samara group of enterprises of Rosneft Oil Company) together with participants of the Russian youth movement the Movement of the First organised a number of socially important campaigns directed towards creating a comfortable urban environment and developing careful attitude to nature among the younger generation.

Responsible attitude towards the environment is an integral part of Rosneft Oil Company's corporate culture and a key principle of its business. The Company aims to achieve leadership positions in minimizing the environmental impact and ensuring the eco-friendliness of its production. As part of this work, the Company implements complex programs for protection and rehabilitation of natural resources as well as for cultivating responsible attitude towards the environment among children and youth.

Together with employees of Kuibyshev Refinery, pupils of Samara schools involved in the Movement of the First volunteer organisation took part in the Green Alley regional environmental campaign and planted nearly 100 fir tree seedlings in the parks and public gardens of Samara.

Furthermore, young participants of the Movement of the First together with volunteers of Kuibyshev Refinery provide active and constant help to Samara animal shelter Uchastie that hosts more than 350 dogs and cats. Сhildren provide food for pets, improve kennels and the territory of the shelter, care for four-legged pets and take them for walks.


Russian youth movement the Movement of the First was founded in 2022 with the support of the President of the Russian Federation. The main task of the movement is to create an equal, accessible, and interesting environment for development and self-fulfilment of the younger generation in various fields.

Today, the participants of the movement contribute to the development of society and promote such core values as life and dignity as well as patriotism and friendship.

Information and Advertising Department
October 4, 2023