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Rosneft Upgrades Five Boiler Stations in Nizhny Tagil

Rosneft has completed the reconstruction of five boiler stations of the Nizhny Tagil heating and power complex. The project was implemented under a municipal contract between Rosneft and the Nizhny Tagil Administration, in the shortest time possible. The boiler stations provide heating and hot water to 132 community facilities and more than 8,000 people.

The reconstruction of the heat generating facilities was carried out as part of the federal Clean Air Project. Main and auxiliary equipment, including boilers and burners, as well as communications and utilities were replaced in the boiler stations. The use of national energy-efficient technologies has improved the town’s ecology: emissions into the atmosphere will have dropped by 25% per year, and gas and electricity consumption by 20% per year.

Rosneft has been a reliable partner of the Sverdlovsk region for many years, supplying natural gas to the region and ensuring a stable heat supply to consumers. The Company is upgrading the existing housing and utilities infrastructure, which includes constructing gas distribution networks and new gas-fired boiler stations in the region, as part of the strategic objectives set by the President of the Russian Federation to develop public-private partnerships in the energy sector.

Among the most significant projects implemented, two cutting-edge boiler stations with a capacity of 20 and 36 MW and 50 km of heating networks were built in Irbit in 2018-2019 and ten new 106 MW automated gas-fired boilers were built in Krasnoufimsk in 2021-2022 to replace low-efficiency coal-fired boilers. Under the Presidential Social Gasification Programme, about 400 km of gas distribution networks were built and 11,500 households received technical access to gas in 2022-2023.

The upgrade of the region’s housing and utilities infrastructure improves the quality, reliability and energy security of Sverdlovsk Region, optimises gas consumption and significantly reduces the impact on the environment. For instance, a gas-fired boiler station in Krasnoufimsk, which was commissioned by Rosneft in 2021, has halved carbon dioxide emissions and reduced overall greenhouse gas generation in the region. Emissions from boiler stations in the town have dropped by more than 90%.


Rosneft is the largest independent gas producer in Russia that supplies gas to consumers in Sverdlovsk Region, including public sector enterprises, housing and utilities companies, as well as to the region’s residents. The Company’s subsidiary Regiongaz-Invest provides utility services to consumers in 15 municipalities of the region and transports natural gas in six municipalities.

Information and Advertising Department
26 December 2023