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Rosneft helps create almost 40 social institutions in Bashkortostan in 2023

37 social infrastructure facilities were opened in the Republic of Bashkortostan in 2023 with the support of Bashneft (part of Rosneft). Funds for its implementation were provided under the Cooperation Agreement between Rosneft and the Republic of Bashkortostan.

One of the key facilities opened in 2023 was an ice palace in the town of Oktyabrsky. The total area of the ice palace is 6500 m2. The grandstands with upholstered seats have a capacity of 800 spectators. The complex has all the necessary sports equipment, from simulators for training hockey players and figure skaters to a special machine for ice levelling. The palace’s equipment allows regional and national winter sports competitions to be held throughout the year.

A secondary school for 375 students was built and fully equipped in the village of Raevsky, Alsheevsky District. The three-storey building with an area of more than 5700 m2 accommodates 25 classrooms, workshops, assembly and sports halls, a medical block and a canteen.

A new educational building was opened at the Orlyonok children’s health camp in the Ilishevsky district. The 500 m2 building has classrooms, teachers’ offices and a library. In total, over the last five years, under the Cooperation Agreement between Rosneft and the Republic of Bashkortostan, more than 200 social infrastructure facilities have been built in 49 districts and cities of the Republic. The Company helped to construct and reconstruct medical, educational and sports facilities, water and wastewater systems, parks, public gardens and roads, which significantly improved the level of social welfare in the region.

For example, the Timashevskaya transport interchange was constructed on one of the highways of Ufa connecting the northern and southern parts of the republic’s capital. The total length of the overpass exceeds one kilometer, equipped with pavements for pedestrians, lighting and noise screens, storm water drainage and local treatment facilities. Modern ice palaces have been opened in the cities of Tuimazy and Kumertau. In addition to the hockey pitch, the palaces are equipped with gyms and athletics facilities, changing rooms, showers, refreshment areas and medical facilities. Developed infrastructure and high-quality equipment allow year-round competitions of various levels to be held in the palaces, and the accessibility and quality of the grounds are also very popular with citizens and athletes from neighbouring districts who come to train at the training camps.

Bashneft also helped to reconstruct the Youth Palace in the town of Yanaul, with an area of almost 2,000 m2. A modern cinema with 160 seats was additionally built within its walls.

A polylingual boarding school with an area of 2,500 m2 for 300 children was opened in Neftekamsk after reconstruction. All obsolete structures and communications were replaced, modern equipment allowed the school to implement modern educational programs, including in-depth study of five languages.

Bashkir oilmen also helped to construct a new fully-equiped medical complex with an area of almost 5,000 m2 for 500 patients per day in the village of Verkhneyarkeevo, Ilishevsky district.


Rosneft is actively involved in the socio-economic development of its operating regions. The Cooperation Agreement between Rosneft and the Republic of Bashkortostan aimed at developing industrial, financial and social programs in the region has been in force since 2017. It was renewed in 2022 at the XXV St. Petersburg International Economic Forum.

Bashneft is one of the oldest oil and gas companies in the country engaged in oil and gas production and refining. Bashneft’s main production facilities, including the refinery and petrochemical complex, are located the Republic of Bashkortostan. Bashneft also carries out oil and gas exploration and production in the Khanty-Mansi Autonomous Okrug–Yugra, the Nenets Autonomous Okrug, Orenburg Oblast, Perm Krai and the Republic of Tatarstan.

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March 7, 2024