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Rosneft supports fish studies in the Yenisey Gulf of the Kara Sea

Scientists from Krasnoyarsk State Agrarian University, supported by RN-Vankor, carried out a grant project to study fish in the Yenisey Gulf of the Kara Sea.

The research looked at fish species diversity, population dynamics, habitats and factors affecting them. The project is of great importance for Taymyr – in fact, no ichthyological studies have been carried out in the Yenisey Gulf.

Scientists have established that the Yenisey Gulf of the Kara Sea is inhabited by 13 species of migratory and semi-migratory fish, as well as 18 species of marine fish that are found either constantly or occasionally. The surveyed water bodies are mainly inhabited by fish of high economic value – representatives of the whitefish family, including whitefish, peled, vendace, muksun, tugun, broad whitefish and nelma. Other species occasionally enter the estuary from adjacent areas of the Kara Sea (flounder, pink salmon) or from tributaries flowing into the gulf (char, grayling, broad whitefish, Siberian whitefish, pike, burbot). All fish species (except polar cod and four-horned sculpin) are targeted by fisheries, including those of the indigenous peoples of the North. Among them, whitefish and smelt are of the greatest commercial importance.

According to ecologists, fish use the Kara Sea for feeding and spawning. The shallow waters here warm quickly once free of ice and have a wide range of salinity, attracting both marine and freshwater fish. Thus, field studies have confirmed high water quality in the Yenisey Gulf and sufficient numbers of food organisms in its waters.

Based on the data obtained, the scientists have developed specific proposals for the introduction of environmental regulations, the possibility of creating special areas for natural fish feeding and spawning, as well as the development of fish farming in Taymyr.


The results of the first competition for grants to support scientific research of applied significance for Taymyrsky Dolgano-Nenetsky District of Krasnoyarsk Krai were summed up at the Eco-Arctic Forum, organised for the first time in Taymyr by RN-Vankor.

The competition aims to contribute to the solution of socially significant problems for the territory of the indigenous minorities of the North, the development of scientific knowledge about the territory, the preservation of its biological diversity, and the support of the traditional way of life of the local population.

The RN-Vankor’s grant program involved research teams from leading Siberian universities, the Siberian Branch of the Russian Academy of Sciences, and state nature reserves. In total, more than 20 projects were submitted for the RN-Vankor’s grant competition.

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April 12, 2024