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Safety is the strength of our success: Rosneft and Pirelli joint promotion called to increase the driving safety

Moscow, October – November 2013 – Rosneft and Pirelli companies organized the “Safe road with Rosneft and Pirelli” joint marketing program that allowed drivers to increase the driving safety. In Rosneft filling stations clients and visitors had a chance to check their tyres and get access to exclusive service in KOLESO retail network tyre centers. The program started in Moscow on October 4th 2013 and lasted for one month.

Tyres are the only link between the road and the car. The safety on the road – both of the driver and passengers - strongly depends on the awareness of car drivers about technical characteristics, storage regulations, usage and service of the tyres.

Rosneft and Pirelly , following principles of social responsibility and caring about comfort and safety of their clients and all road traffic participants, decided to open winter season 2013 with “Safe road with Rosneft and Pirelli” joint marketing program. The program covered 45 Rosneft filling stations in Moscow and Moscow Suburb from October 4th till November 3rd 2013.

Within a month, on any Rosneft filling station participated in the program, any car driver with the help of Rosneft and Pirelli personnel could check, free of charge, tread depth and pressure in his/her car tyres. Everybody who passed the tyre inspection got the booklet with the road safety rules. It is a special depth gauge card applied to the booklet. Using this card a driver can measure the tread depth by him or herself in any time.

Those who present the “Safe road with Rosneft and Pirelli” program card in KOLESO retail network tyre centers will have the special bonus on Pirelli tyres that includes:

  • Free azote tyre inflating
  • discount on tyre mounting service
  • Best price offer on Pirelli tyres

Within the program, 35,000 coupons had been distributed. The owners of coupons got a discount to all Pirelli tyres, free azote tyre inflating and a discount on tyre mounting service in KOLESO retail network tyre centers.

During the program, more than 1,000 people had bought Pirelli tyre sets with a discount, even before the start of the winter season 2013.

Before the start of the winter season Rosneft and Pirelli companies would also like to remind you about some necessary safety rules for winter road driving:

  • Always be careful during driving
  • Consider the specifics of road surface
  • Take care of your tyres condition
  • Always check your tyres condition before starting driving. Keep the “Safe road with Rosneft and Pirelli” program card and use this every time to measure a tread depth. The indicator placed on the card will show you when it is necessary to change a tyre:
  • Tyre with the tread depth less than 4 mm is non-serviceable anymore for winter driving!
    For summer tyres
    3 - 8 mm normal condition
    1,6 - 8 mm acceptable condition
    1,6 and less mm replacement needed
    For winter tyres
    4 - 8 mm normal condition
    4 and less mm replacement needed

Rosneft and Pirelli wish easy and safe winter season to all car drivers and passengers. Be prepared to Russian winter!

The details of “Safe road with Rosneft and Pirelli” program you can find by link

Contacts for more information:

Rosneft Information Division
Tel.: +7 (499) 517 88 97


Pirelli is one of the world leaders in the tyre manufacturing. Pirelli is a holding company in the group of companies, engaged into development, manufacture and supply of tyres for passenger cars and commercial transport & motorcycles. Pirelli Tyre is the major tyre supplier to European and worldwide motorsport championships. Pirelli is the official exclusive tyre supplier for Formula 1 in 2011 – 2013, as well as for WSBK (FIM) starting from 2004 until the present. Pirelli develops its tyre technology together with the leading motorcycle and car manufacturers, including the original equipment tyres supply. Pirelli started its production in Russia in the JV frames with the State Corporation “Russian Technologies” on the facilities of the plants in Kirov and Voronezh, purchased in 2011 and 2012.