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Rosneft today

02 September 16:33
Zvezda Shipyard Launches the Second Aframax Tanker

A Russian "green" tanker of the Aframax type has been launched from the slipway of the Zvezda Shipyard.

05 June 17:58
Igor Sechin Presents Keynote Speech at SPIEF’s Global Energy Transformation Panel

Chief Executive Officer of Rosneft Oil Company Igor Sechin has presented a keynote speech at the energy panel “Global Energy Transformation” of the 24th St. Petersburg International Economic Forum.

05 June 10:19
Energy Panel “Transformation of Global Energy”, organized with the support of Rosneft. Broadcast from SPIEF.

Keynote speaker - Rosneft Chief Executive Officer Igor Sechin.

04 June 18:30
Rosneft signs 73 contracts worth 616.5 billion rubles at St. Petersburg Economic Forum

Rosneft has signed 73 cooperation contracts for a total of 616.5 billion rubles at the XXIV St. Petersburg International Economic Forum, including over 50 contracts totaling 558.8 billion rubles to implement the strategic project Vostok Oil.

02 June 13:40
Rosneft Oil Company held its Annual General Shareholder Meeting

Rosneft shareholders approved the dividends at 73.55 bln rubles for 2020, which is 50 % of the Company's IFRS net profit attributable to Rosneft Oil Company shareholders.

05 February 12:40
Agreement Signed on Investment Incentives for Priobskoye Field

Rosneft Oil Company, the Ministry of Finance of Russia and the Ministry of Natural Resources and the Environment of Russia have signed an agreement on investment incentives for oil production at the Priobskoye field in the form of an annual mineral extraction tax (MET) deduction of up to 46 billion roubles.

04 February 10:36
Rosneft and bp Agree to Cooperate on Carbon Management and Sustainability

Rosneft Oil Company and bp have signed a Strategic Collaboration Agreement focused on supporting carbon management and sustainability activities of both companies.

03 February 13:11
Rosneft Reconfirmed as a Constituent in the FTSE4Good Index Series Leading on Core Sustainability Metrics

The FTSE Russell (part of the London Stock Exchange Group) has confirmed that the Company continues to be a constituent in the FTSE4Good Index Series.

18 January 10:11
Aframax Tanker Vladimir Monomakh Takes Its First Voyage

The Vladimir Monomakh, Russia’s first oil loading Aframax tanker built at the Zvezda Shipbuilding Complex, has sailed for its first voyage.

21 December 2020 14:47
Rosneft announces climate goals to 2035

On December 17, 2020, the Board of Directors reviewed the Carbon Management Plan for the period until 2035