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Main page Corporate governance Board of Directors Faisal Alsuwaidi

Faisal Alsuwaidi

Born in 1954.

Graduated from Merton Technical College (UK) in 1978.

Deserved governmental and institutional awards:

• French State Award Legion of Honor;
• Excellent Work Certificate in the category of Honored Managers of the Arab World awarded by His Highness Sheikh Mohammed Bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Prime Minister of UAE and Emir of Dubai.

Positions held in 1997-2010:
• Chief Managing Director and Deputy Chairman of the Board of Directors, Qatargas
• Managing Director, Qatar Fertilizer Company (QAFCO)
• Administrative Director, Qatar Petroleum

From 2012 until 2018 - President of Research and Development at Qatar Foundation.

From 2018 till now – Representative of Qatar Investment Authority.

Since 2018 till now - Member of the Board of Trustees at Qatar University.

Member of the Board of Directors of Rosneft since 2017.

Faisal Alsuwaidi doesn’t hold any shares of Rosneft.