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Rosneft is rated by two leading international rating agencies and by one largest Russian rating agency. The Company has Baa3 rating with “Stable” outlook from Moody’s, BBB- “Stable” - from S&P and ruAAA “Stable” - from RAEX Rating Agency (Expert RA). Rosneft pursues a balanced credit policy and is constantly working on credit portfolio optimization and minimization of risks.

S&P Global Ratings

The initial rating’s dateRating
05.02.2019 BBB-
04.02.2015 BB+
28.04.2014 BBB-
16.04.2013 BBB
26.05.2008 BBB-
12.01.2007 BB+
31.07.2006 BB
01.12.2005 B+
18.05.2005 B-


The initial rating’s dateRating
29.01.2018 Baa3
25.02.2015 Ba1
20.01.2015 Baa3
21.10.2014 Baa2
04.07.2007 Baa1
26.10.2005 Baa2
18.05.2005 Baa3
25.02.2002 Ba3

RAEX Rating Agency

The initial rating’s dateRating
28.07.2017 ruAAA*

*the confirmation rating’s
date – 05.10.2018