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Main page For Investors and Shareholders Shareholder’s Personal Account

Shareholder’s Personal Account

Dear Shareholders of Rosneft,

Please be informed that you can now use a Shareholder's Personal Account (SPA) - a convenient and safe information service which enables a shareholder to participate in the corporate actions of the Issuer (Rosneft) and to interact with  the Registrar (Reestr-RN).

The new service is provided since 15 April 2019 in accordance with Federal Law On Joint Stock Companies No. 208-FZ dated 26 December 1995, and Regulations on General Shareholders Meetings, as approved by the Bank of Russia on 16 November 2018, No. 660-P.

Advantages for a Shareholder's Personal Account User:

  • Shareholders meetings – an opportunity to participate in General Shareholders meetings in the on-line mode through electronic registration and voting;
  • My profile – an opportunity to check relevance of information in the register of Rosneft shareholders;
  • My shares – gaining access to information on the amount of shares on the personal account in the register of shareholders;
  • My dividends – an opportunity to monitor  the amount of dividends accrued;
  • My calendar/My notifications – an opportunity to be well informed on corporate events of the Issuer;
  • Services – an opportunity to prepare and send instructions for receiving information from the register of shareholders in the on-line mode; 
  • Documents – an opportunity to get familiarized with a document library for interacting with the Issuer and the Registrar; 
  • Requests – an opportunity to send a request in the on-line mode and get an advise within a short time.

How can you connect?

The "Shareholder's Personal Account" service shall be rendered against an application submitted by a User. A procedure for granting an access to SPA and use thereof is established by Regulations.

Regulations and normative documents which govern the relations in connection with the service are a deed of adhesion, based on Article 428 of the Civil Code of the Russian Federation.  You can get familiar with these documents on the web-site of Reestr-RN

Shareholder’s Personal Account Login

If you have any questions, don't hesitate to contact us at