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Youth Policy

The projects of the youth policy are aimed at ensuring a constant influx of professionally trained young specialists from among the best graduates of educational organizations of secondary vocational and higher education, their fastest and most effective adaptation in the workplace.

The youth management system covers three target audiences:

  • students of Rosneft-classes (grades 10-11 with in-depth study of engineering subjects);
  • students of specialized universities;
  • young specialists of the Company

The Company's corporate system of continuing education "School – University – Enterprise"allows us to effectively solve the problems of youth policy. The external youth succession pool development starts at senior school. The Company has established the 10th and 11th Rosneft Classes at the best schools in the regions of its operations, with the assistance of Group Subsidiaries.

Education at Rosneft Classes is aimed at schoolchildren who would receive high-quality general secondary education with in-depth study of technical disciplines, continuing their studies at universities in engineering disciplines and areas of training, and employment of graduates to work for the Company after they receive a degree.

As part of the project for pre-university training of students, programs of work with gifted students of Rosneft Classes, as well as programs for early career guidance and pre-professional training of students in grades 5-9 are being developed.

successfully implement the project, Group Subsidiaries provide financial support to Rosneft's partner educational organizations. The allocated funds are used to provide additional education to students of Rosneft Classes in specialized subjects with the involvement of university professors, to modernize specialized classrooms and laboratories, and to equip schools with equipment for distance learning. Teachers of Rosneft Classes have the opportunity to improve their qualifications at courses organized by the Company in cooperation with Lomonosov Moscow State University and the University Gymnasium.

The external youth succession pool development continues in universities. Rosneft and the Group's Subs cooperate on the basis of long-term comprehensive agreements with Russian and foreign universities in most of the regions where the Company operates.

Agreements with universities make it possible to develop comprehensive cooperation in the field of training and retraining, scientific and innovative activities, and to improve the scientific and educational infrastructure of universities to train highly qualified specialists for the current business needs. As part of the implementation of Cooperation Agreements with universities, the activities of basic departments are currently provided, in the scientific and pedagogical activities of which the Company's employees are involved.

The Company has been making a consistent effort targeting the students of partner universities and industry-specific regional universities, providing students engagement and screening, and motivating  the best of them to become Rosneft employees. Every year, the Company arranges and holds, as well as attends the student-targeting career guidance and image-building events.  Effective forms of acquaintance of students with the Company are "Days of Rosneft" and participation in university job fairs. At the events, students get an idea of the Company as one of the largest employers, solve issues of attracting students to practice and discuss employment opportunities at Rosneft enterprises. On third of that amount become the Company employees after graduation and receive a young specialist status. A coach from among the experienced employees is assigned to each young specialist.

Young specialists are considered to be graduates of full-time departments of higher educational institutions under the age of 33, who first enter work in the received specialties and find a job in the Company within one year from the date of graduation as managers, specialists, employees or in working professions (with the prospect of holding positions of managers, specialists, employees) in the relevant areas of activity (corresponding to the qualifications specified in the diploma).

Working with young specialists is one of the priorities of the Company's personnel policy which includes young specialists adaptation at the company, engagement in the design, scientific and research activity, training with a view to develop their professional, technical, corporate, managerial competencies, as well as identification and development of young specialists possessing a leadership potential. 

By the end of the 3rd year of employment, following the business role-playing games and modular training, the best young specialists are recommended for inclusion in the Subsidiary's succession pool.

To ensure young specialists maximum envolvement in the innovative, scientific and research and design activity, the Company holds annual scientific and technical conferences at the Subsidiary, region and Company level which are attended by about 50% of young specialists. The best projects presented at the Company's final conference are recommended for implementation.

Young Specialist Councils are currently functioning at the Group Subsidiaries. The main functions of the Councils include the  facilitation of young specialists adaptation, representation of their interest to the management,  assistance in addressing social issues, participation, jointly with Subsidiary HR, in Rosneft Classes career guidance and in dealing with higher universities and secondary-level schools, as well as participation in preparation and holding of scientific/technical conferences and events aimed at developing professional-technical, and corporate competences of young specialists.