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Personnel assessment

The corporate personnel assessment system has been successfully operated in Rosneft since 2005. The system is based on the competence approach. The evaluation criteria include corporate, managerial and professional skills.

The current assessment system contributes to the solution of significant business tasks:

  • Planning of training and development of the Company's personnel;
  • Selection of employees into the Company's Personnel Reserve;
  • Formation of Expert Communities;
  • Providing the management with the latest information on the development of staff competencies for taking decisions on personnel hiring and promotion.

Advanced methods are used for the assessment of employees, as those in major international companies: testing, personal questionnaires, competency interviews, evaluation centers, business evaluation games, 360°, etc.

The Company is continually improving the evaluation and development system for the workers, specialists and managers. To ensure this, the following aspects have been developed and implemented:

  • Vocational and technical competence and assessment tools for the blocks "Geology and Field Development ", "Production", "Offshore Projects", "Oil Refining", "Personnel Management", "Design and Survey Work", "Oil Products Supply", "Logistics and Transport" , "Economy and Finance", etc .;
  • Professional standards and assessment materials for key professions in production, processing and oil products supply;
  • Tools for assessing the management competencies of the management and candidates for the Company's Personnel Reserve.

The assessment results are taken into account when compiling individual development plans and form the basis for planning activities for the training and development of the Company employees.