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Main page Sustainable Development Staff Remuneration, Motivation and Social Partnership Policy

Remuneration, Motivation and Social Partnership Policy

Decent remuneration of its employees is the basis of the Company's HR management system. Rosneft consistently implements a policy of high social responsibility, including salaries and compensations.

In determining the level and structure of remuneration, the Company uses data from generally accepted salary and compensation reviews involving major oil and gas companies.

In addition, data from regional labour markets are used to monitor the competitiveness of workers' wages in order to adjust them in a timely manner.

 The Company has developed a systematic approach to determining remuneration and compensation packages for employees, taking into account the regional specifics of the presence of the Company's subsidiaries, including those located in areas with challenging climatic conditions.

Rosneft pays great attention to the incentive program based on the assessment of the efficiency of employees' performance. Both the collective component and the individual contribution of each employee to the overall results are assessed. The staff incentive system is aimed at achieving high production results and increasing labor productivity.

Rosneft has a reputation as one of the most socially responsible employers. As part of improving the social security of its employees, the Company developed a standard Collective Bargaining Agreement, which includes a list of social benefits and guarantees provided to employees of subsidiaries in addition to the requirements of the Labor Law of the Russian Federation.

The priority areas laid down in the standard Collective Bargaining Agreement are as follows:

  • social support for large and low-income families of the employees;
  • social support for pensioners;
  • providing conditions for attracting and retaining personnel in the regions of the Company's operations with unfavorable climatic conditions and at work with unfavorable working conditions;
  • support for employees in challenging life situations.

Rosneft pays special attention to strengthening the system of partnership relations with trade union organizations of subsidiaries and the Interregional Trade Union Organization of Rosneft.

The management of Rosneft's human resources and social block holds regular meetings with the trade union assets of its subsidiaries to discuss issues of concern to the labour communities.

In general, the Company pursues a balanced policy in terms of remuneration, social benefits and guarantees for efficient business development.