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Social Policy

Adhering to the principles of high social responsibility Rosneft traditionally pays special attention to creation of productive social environment at its plants and in the presence regions.

The Company’s activity related to creation of productive social environment first of all includes:

  • continuous improvement of social and household conditions including further-flung regions related to business in complicated climatic conditions;
  • organisation of emergency medical treatment at the Company's facilities;
  • complex residential program including corporate mortgage;
  • system of personnel health care, support and promotion of healthy lifestyle;
  • corporate pension scheme and project for long-time workers’ social support;
  • insurance programs.

In 2018 Rosneft Strategy until 2020 was complemented with important social initiatives setting a new growth vector for the Company’s social policy. Particularly, three new strategic initiatives in social sphere were included into Rosneft–2022 Strategy.  The following programs were among it:

  • Social Medicine. Includes extension of industrial medical stations net, telemedicine technologies development, implementation of brand new medical examination program.
  • Active Longevity. Means regular indexation of corporate pensions by means of investment income of the Company’s pension fund.

Affordable Housing. Provides employees with an opportunity to improve their living conditions by means of preferential targeted interest-free loans issued by the Company and decrease of mortgage interest rates by partner banks.