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Health care and personal insurance

In 2018 Rosneft continued successful implementation of a set of measures related to personnel health care aimed to provide employees with timely and high-quality medical care, organising health improvement and health resort treatment, diseases prevention and promotion of healthy lifestyle.

Expenses of Rosneft for personnel health care including programs of voluntary health insurance in 2018 costed over 4 bln. rubles.

Developing the medical support system and providing emergency medical care

Unified standards of medical assistance, emergency medical treatment and evacuation at the production sites are being successfully realized in the Company.

In 2018 as part of Rosneft – 2022 Strategy approved by the Board of Directors realization of the following target programs began:

  • creation of a corporate telemedical network that will connect medical units of distant production facilities and large regional consultative centres and allow significant improvement of availability and quality of medical treatment in hard-to-reach regions of the Company’s presence;
  • organisation and holding medical examinations of the Company’s employees aimed to early recognise of cardiovascular and oncology diseases;
  • equipping medical stations with up-to-date training equipment for training skills of emergency medical treatment.

Currently all medical stations of the Company are equipped with up-to-date medical equipment for primary medical treatment. Great attention is paid to upgrading qualification of medical personnel and holding large-scale medical exercise to train skills of emergency medical treatment with sanitary aviation evacuation service involvement. 

Large-scale exercise on liquidation of consequences of possible emergency situations were held in 2018 in several large recovering Companies of the Group acting in distant and hard-to-reach regions of the Western and Eastern Siberia and Subarctic area. Holding such examination allows to maintain high level of readiness of the divisions to act in emergency conditions and identify priority areas for further development of medical assistance system at the Company’s production facilities.

It was the first time when obligatory training of emergency medical treatment for five and more conditionally injured persons with involvement of sanitary aviation was included in the examination program. Fire teams of RN-Pozharnaya Bezopasnost LLC, gas rescue divisions, Civil Defence and Emergency Situations Block and other strutural divisions of the Group’s Companies took part in the examination. Workforce and means of production medical stations were used for emergency medical treatment provision, operational cooperation with territory centres of disaster medicine and municipal prevention and treatment facilities were tested. It is planned to further extent the practice of holding such examinations to all the Company’s plants.

In order to improve the system of medical assistance and provision with emergency medical treatment at the distant production facilities of the Company an expert Council for industrial medicine has been being effective since 2015, which includes doctors organisators of industrial medicine in the Companies of the Group. The most important achievement of the Council’s work has become holding of complex audits of medical assistance system and organisation of emergency medical treatment on the basis of all medical stations of the Company.

In 2018 54 audits of medical stations of 10 Companies of the Group were held. As part of the inspections experts evaluated the equipment of medical stations, efficiency of medical response system, qualification and skills of medical personnel. As the result of the audits experts jointly with the specialists of the Group’s Companies designed remedial actions which performance is moitored on a regular basis.

Multipurpose medical centre in Gelendzhik

A multipurpose medical centre was opened in Gelendzhik in February, 2018. The centre was built by Rosneft in cooperation with SOGAZ International Medical Centre as part of the program of infrastructure development in the resort town.

New medical centre is a high-tech multipurpose clinic significantly improving level of medical treatment in Krasnodar Krai. The most up-to-date medical equipment is installed in the clinic: the first apparatus for deep study of arteries and veins in Russia, expert-grade magnetic resonance and computed tomographs, immunochemical analyzer. Availability of telemedicine equipment allows to perform complex high-tech surgeries guided by leading Russian specialists.

In 2018 patients were provided with over 83 thousand of medical services, 573 surgeries were performed, including 172 high-tech surgeries. 24/7 reception of patients with acute coronary syndrome and cerebrovascular disease was begun. Three scientific and practical conferences and several workshops for surgeons regarding up-to-date issues of surgical measures were held in the centre.

Training of health professionals

In the Company great attention is paid to provision with methodological assistance and support for healthcare specialists of the Group’s Companies and medical employees of the medical stations.

In 2018 the Program for competence development for specialists coordinating the issues of industrial medicine in the Group’s Companies. As part of the Program a wide-scale complex of trainings and a range of organisational meetings related to the issues of strategic development of the Company’s personnel healthcare were held. Four hundred seventy seven employees of the Company took part in the program. As part of this work the Second Corporate Science & Technology Healthcare Conference related to the issues if industrial medicine, occupational pathology and telemedicine was also held for 78 participants from 38 Companies of the Group.

Isease prevention

Important area of the Company’s work in the field of industrial medicine is disease prevention. The Program for the Prevention of Cardiovascular Diseases of the employees of the Group’s Companies has been being successfully realized since 2017 to preserve professional longevity, prevent temporary work incapacity, disability and early mortality. In 2018 over 100,000 employees of 140 Companies of the Group took part in the Program.

As part of preventing measures a mass flu vaccination of the Company’s employees was also held and 48 thousand of employees of 161 Group’s Companies were vaccinated.

Recreation and rehabilitation

The most important element of social protection of employees, members of their families and retired veterans of labour is health resort treatment, rehabilitation and invigoration aimed to preserve professional longevity of the employees and disease prevention. In 2018 over 78 thousand of employees and members of their families in total were invigorated in sanatoriums of Krasnodar Krai and at the resorts located in Belokurikha, Republic of Bashkortostan and other regions of Russia,

Realization of the Program for recreation and invigoration of the employees in Cuba was continued. Resorts of Cuba were visited for recreation and invigoration by 2.4 thousand of people. For all period of collaboration since December, 2013 over 10 thousand of employees and members of their families have established their health in Cuba.

Personal Insurance Programs

An integral part of employment benefits for Rosneft employees are the programs of employee personal insurance including voluntary health insurance (VHI) and voluntary accident insurance. In the reported year over 300,000 employees of the Group’s Companies and the Company’s head office were embraced by the personal insurance programs.

Extension of the list of prevention and treatment facilities for provision employees with medical service by the means of, particularly, involvement of high-tech, multipurpose clinics equipped with up-to-date equipment, making medical assistance closer to the place of employee residence and increasing quality of medical service provided are still priority areas related to VHI.

Voluntary accident insurance contracts concluded by the Group’s Companies provide employees with reliable 24/7 protection in case of full/partial loss of earning capacity and, consequently, loss of income. Insurance conditions mean that in case of employee’s death caused by an accident employee's family will receive insurance payout. in 2018 38 Companies of the Group significantly increased individual insurance payouts within the limits of which a payout of insurance amount may be made to employees and members of their families.