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Health Protection

Preserving and maintaining the health of employees is considered by the Company as one of the strategically important areas Social policy, which qualitatively determines the conditions for increasing labor productivity in enterprises.

In order to improve the quality of medical care at remote production facilities, protect the health of employees and implement the strategic initiative "Modern Medicine", the Company implements a set of measures in the following main areas:

  • emergency and scheduled medical care for employees, including at remote and inaccessible production facilities of the Company;
  • implementation of voluntary medical insurance programs for employees (VMI) and voluntary accident insurance;
  • implementation of preventive programs to prevent and reduce morbidity and develop a healthy lifestyle culture.

Emergency and scheduled medical care at production facilities

As part of the improvement of the Company's medical support system, the Company operates about 200 medical and paramedical health posts at its production facilities, equipped with modern medical equipment to provide timely and high-quality medical care, as well as professional training equipment for medical personnel to practice their emergency care skills.

In order to implement a practice-oriented approach and develop professional competencies of medical personnel, training sessions on pre-hospital emergency medical care in accordance with modern international standards are organized and regularly conducted in person and via telemedicine for medical personnel of the Company's health posts.

Various levels of medical drills are regularly held in the Subs to test readiness for emergency medical response in case of emergencies.

Development of the corporate telemedicine network

In order to improve the availability and quality of medical assistance to the Company's employees at remote production sites in hard-to-reach regions, as part of the strategic initiative, the project to develop a corporate telemedicine network was continued: in 2022, more than 2.2 thousand telemedicine consultations with major regional consulting centers were held at 63 remote production health posts in 13 Subs participating in the project.

Personal insurance programs

One of the key areas of the Company's efforts to create a favorable social environment is the implementation of personal insurance programs, which annually cover over 300,000 employees of Rosneft and the Subs.

Personal insurance programs for the Company's employees include:

  • voluntary medical insurance, which allows providing medical services to employees in excess of the amounts guaranteed by the state, on the basis of high-tech, multi-disciplinary clinics equipped with modern equipment;
  • voluntary accident insurance, which protects employees in the event of death, total or partial loss of labor capacity as a result of an accident. The Subs are constantly working to increase individual insurance amounts for employees, within the limits of which the insurer pays compensation.

Disease prevention and development of a healthy lifestyle culture

In order to preserve and promote the health of employees, the Subs regularly organize information campaigns on the risks of cardiovascular diseases for their timely detection and seeking medical assistance, as well as campaigns on the prevention of influenza, acute respiratory viral infections and new coronavirus infections, healthy nutrition, healthy eyesight, smoking cessation, etc. The Subs also organize campaigns on the prevention of diseases and healthy lifestyles. The most important component of medical and preventive measures in the Company is vaccination (against COVID-19, flu).

During 2019-2022, the Company conducted an in-depth corporate medical check-up of employees aimed at early detection of serious diseases and prevention of complications after a new coronavirus infection. Over 186,000 employees from 178 Subs underwent the check-up.