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04 July 13:53
Bashneft Implements Technological Process Control Autopilot

The Bashneft Oil Refining Complex (a subsidiary of Rosneft Oil Company) has successfully implemented an Advanced Process Control System (APCS), which is a significant element of the enterprise’s ongoing Digital Plant project.

30 June 14:09
Rosneft Developing Compressed Natural Gas Filling Station Network in Saratov Region

Rosneft has opened the new format Zerno filling station in Engels, Saratov region.

30 June 12:29
Samotlorneftegaz Improves Multistage Hydraulic Fracturing Technology

Samotlorneftegaz, an enterprise of Rosneft Oil Company’s oil and gas production complex, conducted the first multistage hydraulic fracturing (MSHF) operation in the domestic industry, using a unique set of technologies.

23 June 14:12
Rosneft volunteers continue to restore springs in the Samara region

Workers of Rosneft's Samara enterprises Kuibyshev and Novokuibyshev refineries as well as Novokuibyshev Oils and Additives Plant held an annual environmental event Springs of the Samara region, which was timed to coincide with the World Day to Combat Desertification and Drought.

23 June 13:57
Rosneft continues its research on the Ivory gulls

An expedition organized by Rosneft's Arctic Research Center and the Arctic and Antarctic Research Institute went to the northeastern Kara Sea to continue observations of the Ivory gull population, which began in 2020.

22 June 14:05
Rosneft's Large-scale Integrated Environmental Forestation Project Will Capture 10 million tonnes of CO2

Rosneft has launched an ambitious integrated environmental forestation project to provide carbon sequestration of 10 million tonnes CO2-equivalent.

22 June 14:02
First Charging Station for Electric Vehicles in Buryatia Appears at Rosneft Filling Station

Rosneft has installed the first charging station for electric vehicles at its filling station in Buryatia.

18 June 16:12
Igor Sechin Presents Keynote Speech at SPIEF Energy Panel

Chief Executive Officer of Rosneft Oil Company Igor Sechin has presented a keynote speech "New global energy market: crusade against Russian oil and where is Noah's Ark?" at SPIEF Energy Panel

10 June 12:26
The Economic Effect of Advanced Technological Solutions at the Komsomolsk Refinery Exceeds 1.2 Billion Roubles

RN-Komsomolsk Refinery, an enterprise of Rosneft Oil Company’s refining complex, received an economic effect of 1.2 billion roubles in 2021 as a result of the implementation of the operational efficiency improvement programme.

07 June 16:38
Tyumenneftegaz Supports Solyonoye Lake Research Programme

Tyumenneftegaz, part of Rosneft Oil Company's upstream complex, has launched a grant project to study the biodiversity of Solyonoye Lake and its surroundings.