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27 September 2023 15:42
Rosneft Supports Car Tourism Development Projects

Rosneft, which owns the largest network of filling stations in Russia, acts as an ambassador for the development of domestic tourism.

26 September 2023 15:44
Unique Cuttings Processing Line Built at Vankor Field

RN-Vankor, a subsidiary of Rosneft, has completed construction of a unique cuttings processing line at the Vankor field.

22 September 2023 15:47
RN-Purneftegaz Launches First Applied Research Grant Programme for Yamal Indigenous Peoples

RN-Purneftegaz (part of Rosneft’s oil and gas production complex) summarised the results of the first grant competition to support scientific, practical, applied, educational and research projects aimed at addressing social issues of the indigenous peoples of the Yamalo-Nenets Autonomous District living in the Purovsky District.

18 September 2023 15:53
Rosneft Team Participates in Moscow Marathon

Rosneft employees took part in the Moscow Marathon.

11 September 2023 18:22
Vladimir Putin visits Zvezda Shipyard

Russian President Vladimir Putin visited Zvezda Shipyard in the town of Bolshoi Kamen in Primorsky Territory

08 September 2023 19:07
Rosneft Enterprises Release About 15 Million Fry into Russian Rivers and Waters in August

In August, Rosneft subsidiaries released about 15 million fish fry of various species into Russian waters as part of a programme to preserve biodiversity and replenish aquatic bio-resources.

07 September 2023 18:58
Rosneft Celebrates International Clean Air Day

International Clean Air Day is celebrated on September 7.

06 September 2023 19:12
Tyumen Scientists Identify New Habitat for Rare Birds with Rosneft Support

Scientists from Tyumen State University have identified the habitats of more than 60 bird species, including five specially protected species, in the Tyumen region as part of the grant programme of RN-Uvatneftegaz (part of Rosneft’s oil and gas production complex).

04 September 2023 14:31
Rosneft and the RUSSPASS travel planning service launch a joint promotion for car travellers

Rosneft and RUSSPASS travel planning service launched a joint project "Travel to Moscow with Rosneft" with the support of the Moscow City Tourism Committee.

01 September 2023 15:18
Rosneft Employees Organise Events Dedicated to the Day of Knowledge

Rosneft enterprises organised festive events and congratulated school children on the beginning of the new academic year.