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16 October 2020 09:43
RN-Vankor Releases over 250,000 Red-Listed Siberian Sturgeon Fry into Yenisei River

RN-Vankor, a part of Rosneft Oil Company’s production complex, has released over 250,000 Siberian sturgeon fry into the Yenisei River.

16 October 2020 09:38
Arkhangelsk Opens Rosneft-Sponsored Arctic Attraction Photo Exhibition

The Arctic Attraction photographic exhibition has opened in Arkhangelsk, arranged by Rosneft Oil Company jointly with the Innopraktika non-governmental development institution as part of the international Arctic nations film festival Arctic Open 2020.

15 October 2020 14:06
Rosneft improves casing pipe production technologies

Scientists of the Rosneft United Research and Development Centre developed a technology for production of casing pipes from ultra high strength polymer polydicyclopentadiene.

14 October 2020 14:36
Rosneft Conducts Stratigraphic Drilling in Research Expedition in Kara Sea

Rosneft Oil Company has been implementing its comprehensive long-term research programme in Arctic that includes geological, weather and environmental surveys.

14 October 2020 14:34
Orenburgneft Improves Pipeline Safety by 44%

Specialists of Orenburgneft, a subsidiary of Rosneft Oil Company, have reduced the number of field pipeline failures by 44% in six years.

13 October 2020 14:03
Rosneft held a presentation of a unique ecological atlas of the Black and Azov Seas at the Sirius educational center

Rosneft presented a unique ecological atlas of the Black and Azov Seas at the Sirius Educational Center in Sochi.

13 October 2020 14:01
Rosneft scientists awarded for Arctic exploration

The authoring team of Rosneft, Arctic Research Centre, and Saint-Petersburg State Marine Technical University was awarded diplomas of the first prize winner of the International competition of scientific, research, technology and innovative solutions aimed at the development and exploration of the Arctic and continental shelf.

12 October 2020 14:44
Rosneft begins engineering studies in the Eastern Arctic

A scientific-research expedition organised by the experts of the Arctic Research Centre (a part of Rosneft Corporate Research and Development Complex) began in the Eastern Arctic.

12 October 2020 14:06
Rosneft Employees Clean 70,000 m2 of Volga River Shores

As part of World Cleanup Day, the Samara production enterprises of Rosneft Oil Company has taken part in an environmental campaign to clean the shores of the Volga River, as well as its tributaries and nearby lakes.

08 October 2020 11:51
Rosneft Holds Online Scientific-Technical Conference with Record-Breaking Coverage

Rosneft held an online scientific-technical conference «Digital technologies in hydrocarbon production and processing: from modeling to practice».