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07 April 10:57
RN-Nyaganneftegaz Allocates 1.7 Billion Roubles to Environmental Projects in 2020

RN-Nyaganneftegaz, an enterprise of Rosneft oil production complex, invested more than 1.7 billion roubles in environmental protection and remediation measures in 2020.

07 April 10:55
Orenburgneft Cuts Diesel Generation Costs at Oil Production Facilities 13-Fold

Orenburgneft, Rosneft Oil Company’s upstream subsidiary, has reduced the use of diesel generation* at its in-house oil production facilities.

07 April 10:52
Rosneft Participates in Nationwide “Stay Healthy!” Campaign Timed to Coincide with World Health Day

Rosneft Oil Company has taken part in a nationwide “Stay healthy!” campaign timed to coincide with World Health Day.

01 April 14:34
International Bird Day Celebrated on April 1

Every year on April 1, International Bird Day is celebrated to coincide with the start of the birds’ return from their wintering grounds

26 March 15:59
World Sambo Cup Supported by Rosneft Takes Place in Moscow

A. Kharlampiev Memorial Sambo World Cup takes place in Moscow on March 25-26, 2021

26 March 15:51
Rosneft Doubles Green Fuel Bunkering in Russia in 2020

RN-Bunker, the operator of Rosneft’s bunkering business, more than doubled its volume of fuelling ships with low-sulphur bunker fuel to 1.3 million tonnes in 2020

26 March 15:47
Green Investments of Rosneft’s Refining Complex to Reach about 136 Billion Roubles by 2024

Rosneft Oil Company plans to spend about 136 billion roubles on environmental measures at its refineries by 2024

26 March 15:36
Rosneft Installs Charging Stations for Electric Cars in Khabarovsk

Rosneft Oil Company continues to implement a programme to equip its filling stations with electric charging infrastructure

25 March 17:54
Vostsibneftegaz Awards More Than 20 Grants in Support of the Peoples of the Russian North

The East Siberian Oil and Gas Company (Vostsibneftegaz), a subsidiary of Rosneft, organised a round table in Krasnoyarsk on interaction with the indigenous peoples of the Russian North

24 March 15:31
Green Investments of Rosneft’s Samara Group of Enterprises Reach more than 4.5 Billion Roubles in 2020

Enterprises of Rosneft Oil Company’s Samara group--Samaraneftegaz, the Novokuibyshevsk, Syzran and Kuibyshev refineries, Novokuibyshevsk Petrochemical Company and Oil and Additives Plant--allocated over 4.5 billion roubles for environmental protection activities in 2020