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04 August 2021 17:42
Saratov Refinery Conducts a Study of Water Quality in the Saratov's Springs

The Saratov Refinery (part of the oil refining complex of Rosneft) carried out an environmental campaign Clean Water to check the quality of water in the Saratov's springs.

30 July 2021 15:18
Expedition of the Clean Arctic project was launched with the Rosneft support

Rosneft and the Russian Arctic National Park launched the third stage of the comprehensive project Clean Arctic to study the impact of economic activities on Arctic ecosystems

30 July 2021 15:17
Scientists supported by Rosneft started monitoring the wild reindeer number in Taymyr

Biologists of the Siberian Federal University (SFU) conduct large-scale studies of the Taymyr-Evenki population of wild reindeer, involving, among other things, aerial counting of individuals

29 July 2021 15:11
Rosneft contributes to the preservation of the Amur tiger population

Global Tiger Day is celebrated annually on July 29 and was established in 2010 to draw attention to the problems of preserving the population of this predatory animal

27 July 2021 15:32
With the Rosneft Support, Scientists from TSU Investigate the Spread of Microplastics in Rivers

Scientists from Tomsk State University (TSU), who are studying the migration of plastic microparticles in the environment, have completed the first stage of the survey of the Nizhnyaya Tunguska River, a large tributary of the Yenisei, located in the Evenki municipal district.

23 July 2021 15:30
July 23 - World Whale and Dolphin Day

World Whale and Dolphin Day is celebrated annually on 23 July.

23 July 2021 15:25
More Than 12 million Fry of Valuable Fish Species Released by Rosneft into the Russian rivers

More than 12 million fry of valuable fish species were released into the river systems of Russia by employees of Rosneft.

16 July 2021 15:23
Bashneft Planted 3.4 million Trees

Bashneft – part of Rosneft – has carried out the largest landscaping of the territory over the past 20 years.

15 July 2021 15:21
Rosneft-Bunker Bunkers the Training Sailing Vessel Khersones With Eco-Friendly Fuel

Rosneft-Bunker bunkered the legendary training sailing vessel Khersones in the port of Novorossiysk with eco-friendly fuel.

13 July 2021 15:19
Rosneft Reclaims About 15,000 Hectares of Land In 2020

Subsidiaries of the Company, following the results of the implementation of nature restoration measures in 2020, reclaimed about 15,000 hectares of land.